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US-D460496-S: Bar top gaming unit patent, US-D461028-S: Duster patent, US-D461389-S: Tool handle patent, US-D462260-S: Pot and cap assembly patent, US-D462823-S: Alien head for confectionery product patent, US-D463452-S: Pump patent, US-D463831-S: Field boundary for a dice game patent, US-D464775-S: Water powered plunger patent, US-D465254-S: Beetle trap patent, US-D465772-S: Printed circuit board patent, US-D466285-S: Key chain light patent, US-D466865-S: Communication module patent, US-D467522-S: Zipper pull patent, US-D467579-S: Lay-in tile speaker system patent, US-D468220-S: Electronic measuring jigger patent, US-D468628-S: Front surface of wrapping bag patent, US-D469017-S: Bottle patent, US-D469110-S: Oil pumping device patent, US-D469360-S: Plastic bottle patent, US-D469545-S: Wall mounted retractable motorcycle cover patent, US-D470366-S: Eating utensil patent, US-D470960-S: Lantern patent, US-D472280-S: Starting apparatus for direct drive go-cart patent, US-D472580-S: Cap for a marker pen patent, US-D472773-S: Double decker lunch box patent, US-D472924-S: Pen patent, US-D472965-S: Water closet patent, US-D473213-S: Speaker grill patent, US-D473560-S: Hand-held optical indicia scanner patent, US-D474321-S: Mailbox patent, US-D474966-S: Folder and rider thereof patent, US-D477802-S: Wheel shield with palm knob grip patent, US-D477853-S: Jump rope simulator patent, US-D478294-S: Lightning dissipation assembly patent, US-D478453-S: Crib curtain patent, US-D480164-S: Surface configuration of a taillight for a vehicle patent, US-D481616-S: Bracket for parallel lengths of wiring patent, US-D483099-S: Bathtub patent, US-D483424-S: Basketball patent, US-D483438-S: Showerhead patent, US-D485115-S: Race car barbecue grill patent, US-D485600-S: Fishing rod holder patent, US-D486770-S: Front face of a vehicle wheel patent, US-D486946-S: Live animal feeder patent, US-D488351-S: Bowl patent, US-D488503-S: Seal for a doctor blade chamber device for a printing machine patent, US-D488653-S: Table storage system patent, US-D489517-S: Sandal patent, US-D490370-S: Automatic external defibrillator battery pack patent, US-D490484-S: Half cube patent, US-D493111-S: Watch patent, US-D493313-S: Shelf with towel bar patent, US-D494884-S: Pendant patent, US-D495258-S: Wrist watch patent, US-D495821-S: Elliptical reflector for multi-LED vehicle lights patent, US-D496552-S: Screw base unit for a straw patent, US-D496843-S: Portable electric driver drill patent, US-D497406-S: Canister patent, US-D498134-S: Rubber vibration insulator patent, US-D499415-S: Computer front bezel patent, US-D499626-S: Tool holder patent, US-D500626-S: Pluncher patent, US-D501327-S: Perforated metal picture frame and hanging system patent, US-D501786-S: Bracket for shakleless padlock patent, US-D501918-S: Heater module patent, US-D502474-S: Control panel patent, US-D503823-S: Light fixture patent, US-D504792-S: Chair arm patent, US-D504898-S: Computer front bezel patent, US-D505259-S: Handbag patent, US-D505274-S: Hanger rack connector for use in a bathroom patent, US-D506210-S: In line pump throat patent, US-D507288-S: Eyepiece lens holder for telescope/spotting scope patent, US-D507731-S: Sander patent, US-D508714-S: Ball point pen patent, US-D508926-S: Refrigerator patent, US-D509003-S: Board patent, US-D509110-S: Oval food container patent, US-D510399-S: Training pad patent, US-D510685-S: Serving spoon patent, US-D510765-S: Foundation vent patent, US-D511302-S: Dispenser patent, US-D511547-S: Electronic label patent, US-D511961-S: Universal mounting template patent, US-D512439-S: Cam shaft balance weight for automotive engines patent, US-D512873-S: Stove front patent, US-D513148-S: Compact disc carrying case with two speakers patent, US-D513610-S: Compact disc player patent, US-D514054-S: Boat patent, US-D514309-S: Tablet case patent, US-D514757-S: Dryer cabinet patent, US-D515036-S: Screw type high definition multimedia interface connector socket patent, US-D516194-S: Axial fan with double impellers rotating in mutually opposite directions patent, US-D516206-S: Fan blade patent, US-D516396-S: Wrench handle patent, US-D516477-S: Front surface configuration of an automotive steering wheel patent, US-D519578-S: Dinosaur character on wheeled frame patent, US-D519829-S: Display and sales package for lamp or the like patent, US-D520154-S: Rear combination lamp for two-wheeled motor vehicles patent, US-D521493-S: Gaming headphone patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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